Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is about Malaysian Anecdotes : )

Salina was on a plane, bound for Tokyo. Salina sat beside a young Japanese mother who was with her young daughter. The girl was about 6 years old. She was busy talking in Japanese to the girl who seemed unhappy about something.

She told Salina that she had been in Malaysia for the past 3 years as her husband is a Japanese expatriate with a company in Malaysia. That was their first trip back to Japan. Her daughter was unhappy to go back to Tokyo. She wanted to be in Malaysia.

Then,after speaking further to the grumbling child, the girl said in Malay," Saya sayang Malaysia! Saya tidak mahu pulang ke Japan!" which means, " I love Malaysia! I don't want to go back to Japan!"

Salina smiled when the lady sheepishly said, " See what Malaysia has done to my daughter?" And after a while, she continued, " Me too!" I love everything about Malaysia especially the food! Oh, how I love 'asam pedas' and 'sambal belacan!'

p/s: proud to be malaysian k!

: )


Kuman Chaos said...

sapa tak proud to be Malaysia memang la tak bersyukur ehehh
Kuman "kenapa.." Entry

Mr Noble said...

lakse serawak pon best! :D

ASaDa RyutaRo said...

saya sangat bangga jadi orang malaysia. heeee ;)

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